What is a seller's market? Definitions and guidance from the first-time home buyer's guide by Dumb Blond Realty.

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What is a seller’s market?

If you’re not already a real estate market expert, you may not know: what is a seller’s market? What are the signs of a seller’s market? What does a seller’s market mean? And more importantly, how does a seller’s market… Continue Reading…

Home Buying Myths: 5 Falsities Holding You Back From Home Ownership / Dumb Blond Realty / In this article, we share five truths for first-time home buyers who are looking for a home buying guide.

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Home Buying Myths: 5 Falsities Holding You Back

Some of the common knowledge about real estate is… completely wrong. I wanted to put together a list of five common home buying myths. These may be things your mom told you when you were young. Maybe you heard them… Continue Reading…