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LGBTQ Housing Discrimination Still Exists

It’s Pride month, and that means it’s time for both rainbow everything and a quick conversation about LGBTQ housing discrimination. Fun, right?

Market Updates

2021 Housing Bubble: Fact or Fiction?

Let’s talk about the 2021 housing bubble! You know, the impending crisis that all the real estate gurus are ranting and raving about? It’s time to gird yer loins! Or maybe not. In this article, I’ll be breaking down some… Continue Reading…

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Mortgage forbearance is not a long-term solution

I think it’s time we talk about something important: mortgage forbearance. More specifically, I think it’s time to talk about why mortgage forbearance is not a long-term solution to a financial problem. Finally, let’s talk about some other, better options… Continue Reading…

Is buying a house worth it? Is buying a home really a good investment? How to make the rent vs. buy decision.

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Is buying a house worth it?

As a real estate professional who has worked mostly with buyers, I frequently get one specific question: Is buying a house worth it? To be frank, I wish there were a simple answer. I would love to be able to… Continue Reading…

How to Buy a Home Virtually (Really!) / Dumb Blond Realty / Michael Noker

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How to buy a home virtually (really!)

Technology has come a long way in recent years. As a real estate professional, I like to think we as an industry have had something to do with it. A lot of brokers are pretty fond of our phones, our… Continue Reading…

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What is wire fraud in real estate?

In recent times, scary headlines have people wondering: what is wire fraud? In real estate, we frequently talk about wire fraud – and warn our clients of the dangers of it – but rarely do we address what it actually… Continue Reading…

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Rent to Own Homes: Why you should never buy them

Rent to own homes are a popular idea for first-time home buyers, consumers with bad or no credit, and people who lack the income or job stability to put together a down payment. As a real estate agent based in… Continue Reading…

Homeowner Survival Guide

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

It’s here! Fall is here! It’s time for scarves and sweater weather! Pumpkin spice everything! But before you get too cozy, let’s look at some easy fall home maintenance tips so you can protect your investment.

When should I sell my home?

Selling Your Home

Should I Sell My Home?

Should I sell my home in 2020? Does Covid have an impact on my ability to sell my home? Should you wait until 2021 to sell your house? How is the housing market right now? Is it a strong seller’s… Continue Reading…

What is a seller's market? Definitions and guidance from the first-time home buyer's guide by Dumb Blond Realty.

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What is a seller’s market?

If you’re not already a real estate market expert, you may not know: what is a seller’s market? What are the signs of a seller’s market? What does a seller’s market mean? And more importantly, how does a seller’s market… Continue Reading…